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            Projects & collaborations

Re.feels x Argot Studio

March  2021

Soap dish designed by Argot for natural soap brand Re.feels. Its curvy shape is thought to host the soap at different stages of usage.

Sustainable TEN project

March  2020

During confinement our studio made use of the time furthering a research project we’ve been working on.

The aim was to uncover interesting, innovative highly sustainable materials we could source and use to rea-
lize our designs.

We chose 10 Argot chairs and got to work discovering and applying these weird and wonderful
From fish scales to mushroom wood we were amazed with what we can build with and it confirmed to us
that we need to dive into improving the efficiency of designing sustainably.
With the Sustainable Ten project we aim to grab the attention of many by using very visual forms on which
to apply the materials to spread awareness of the possibilities for a beautiful sustainable future ahead of us.

Feel free to get in touch to learn more about this project and the materials discovered. 

 The ‘Dam’ Chair in Collab w/ Owl

January  2020

 Custom designed chair for Amelie maison d’art in Paris. Upholstered and leaning on a concrete cylinder. Made by hand by Owl studio in Barcelona.
   Please get in touch by email for orders. (Other finishes ans materials available)


Interiors Collab w/ Cristina La Porta

January  2020

Interior design by Argot in collaboration with & rendered
by 3D artist  Cristina de la Porta. Featuring the Argot vases and lamps.

Interiors Collab w/ Ana de Santos Dias

November  2019

Interior design by Argot in collaboration with &  rendered by 3D artist Ana de Santos Dias. Featuring the Argot ‘Eileen’ rug, the saddle chair and Vases.

Shape exploration 

November 2019 

The Phelim series

October 2018
The Phelim Series is a collection of modular oak pieces designed in the Argot Studio in Paris and hand crafted in Ireland.

Each form serves as an architectural element which interact to create a sculptural piece. The purpose of each piece may be decided by the user, the solid wood, high quality and finish of the pieces enable the structural integrity and versatile nature of the collection.

The oak has been treated only with a natural oil which protects but does not change the oak’s natural colour.

Interiors Collab w/ Stefano Rotolo

July  2019

Interior design by Argot in collaboration with &  rendered by 3D artist Stefano Rotolo. Featuring Argot Oak room divider/screen, Argot Rug and Vases.

︎ Maria Gaminde

Scenography for Nice things Paloma S.

April  2019

Concept & production for a brunch celebration of international women’s day in collaboration with the brand nice things Paloma S.
Saddle Chair  

August  2019

Chair design prototyped using 3D printing. Currently in developement to be realised in Oak wood.

Summer Cabin  

June  2019

Architectural illustrations featuring Argot vases & lounger chairs. 

Facade Series  

February  2019

Series of stool & side tables in prototype phase.