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Argot Studio

Argonaute Sculpture

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As a continuation of Argot’s confrontation between the old and the new, the Argonautes sculptures are inspired by Greek mythology, following the story of heroic voyagers traveling across the sea. The shape of the Argonautes pieces reflect the flow and movement of the sea and will be a unique statement piece in any interior space.


Dimensions (cm): Small: H 20 . L 14.5 . W 10, Tall: H 32.5 . L 18.5 . W 9

Weight (kg): Small: 0.33, Tall: 0.57

Printing Time (hours): 22, 26


100% polylactic acid (PLA) derived from corn starch. The material is locally sourced, non-toxic and plant-based.

Care Instructions

Clean using a microfiber cloth.

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