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Argot Studio

Orgue Lamp

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In our signature translucent and bio-sourced filament, we have recreated a new taller edition of the ‘Orgue’ lamp. Its form inspired by natural rock formations, the object strives to achieve a subtle balance between clean lines and a soft and natural warmth.

The Orgue Lamp pairs well with the Fauna Mirror.


Dimensions: H 27.5 . L 11 . W 11 cm

Weight: 0.6 kg

Printing Time: 8 hours

Bulb: Use 220W LED only. For the USA: 110V. Please note: Cable and Soft Warm White Bulb is included.


100% polylactic acid (PLA) derived from corn starch. The material is locally sourced, non-toxic and plant-based.

Care Instructions

Clean using a microfiber cloth.

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