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Argot Studio

Elipse Vases

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The Elipse Vase duo visually references the symmetrical form with multiple focal points. A nod to both the geometric and poetic characteristics of the term. The elipse refers to the 'continuity of time', something we aim to achieve through designing timeless pieces. 

Their sleek silhouettes adds a modern yet timeless aesthetic to any room, whether it's holding bouquets of flowers or standing the pair together as a statement piece.


Dimensions: Tall: H 38 . L 21.5 . W 8.5  cm

Dimensions: Small: H 33 . L 24 . W 7.5 cm

Weight: Tall: 0.22 kg, Small: 0.15 kg

Printing Time: 12 hours


100% polylactic acid (PLA) derived from corn starch. The material is locally sourced, non-toxic and plant-based.

Care Instructions

- This object is 100% watertight

- Objects may be dusted and cleaned with everyday household cleaning products

- Every object is printed individually therefore please allow for minor differences and evidence of the 3D printing process

- Transparent pieces are printed extra finely to obtain optimal transparency and therefore are delicate and should be handled with care

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