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Argot Studio

Lampe i

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The first lamp within the series, Lampe i is centered on simplicity and is inspired by Japanese architectural structures, lines and shapes. The translucent shade is printed thinly to give the effect of a paper-lamp with curved, bendy edges. The Lampe i was designed with a focus on its unique, sandblasted texture, made possible through the technical programming of the 3D printer. This lamp omits a soft, warm glow that will bring a cozy ambiance to your space. 

The Lampe i pairs well with another from the collection; either the Lampe ii or Lampe iii. The collection is a play on volume and structural compositions.


Dimensions: H 35 . L 21 . W 11.5 cm

Weight: 0.48 kg

Printing Time: 16 hours

Bulb: Use 220W LED only. For USA: 110V. Please note: Cable and Soft Warm White Bulb is included.


100% polylactic acid (PLA) derived from corn starch. The material is locally sourced, non-toxic and plant-based.

Care Instructions

- Use only with LED bulbs

- For Lampe i and ii, the lamp shade has been printed thinly to achieve a paper-lantern effect, therefore the sides produce a curved and bendy shape

- Objects may be dusted and cleaned with everyday household cleaning products

- Every object is printed individually therefore please allow for minor differences and evidence of the 3D printing process

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