Digital Craftsmanship

3D printing is an innovative production method enabling sustainable and flexible production. Based on digital instruction, a 3D printer heated nozzle moves in three dimensions depositing successive layers of fused material. That progressive deposition of material ends up, after several hours of digital work, forming an Argot piece.

To make our pieces, we use exclusively bio-sourced material, from corn or sugarcane starch. In addition, more that 70% of the material we use is recycled from food packaging in the European Union. The material we use is biodegradable in a controlled environment.  

Unique Production Method

Taking advantage of 3D printing, our design process starts with hand drawing each object. Then, the sketch is 3D modeled and further optimized using a dedicated software turning the 3D model into instruction for our machines. We optimize our production process to limit energy consumption and waste.

This unique production method enables Argot Studio to produce locally in Paris and create high quality design pieces. We explore various shapes, textures, materials and parameters to craft unique design pieces with various properties, from clear, light and aerial pieces with unique reflection to sturdy, architectural and textured pieces.