The Brand

Founded by Irish designer, Eimear Ryan, in 2018, Argot Studio is a Paris-based design studio that offers 3D printed, sustainably-made collectable pieces, designed to elevate any space. Argot’s stylistic aim is to transcend seasonality, trends and to last throughout generations. The collections express balance and consideration, fusing together minimalist, timeless design with high-quality, bio-sourced materials.

Drawing inspiration from the contrast between brutalist, man-made architecture and organic forms and shapes that exist in nature, Argot Studio’s objects encompass both a poetic and thoughtful rendition.

Argot’s core collection consists of the signature vases, sculptures and vessels, characteristic to Argot’s classic silhouettes with versatile functionality.

The name Argot refers to the word “argot”, meaning ‘colorful slang’, that is used by Parisians in everyday life.

Argot Studio pieces are designed and produced in Paris, France.

The Founders

Irish designer Eimear Ryan began Argot with a vision to contribute towards a more sustainable future of design. Sharing this passion, Eimear was later joined by her French husband, Jean-Eloi Rateau. 

Eimear first began her career as an interior designer but decided she wanted to venture out and create her own unique designs. With her father being a joiner and artisan, Eimear has always been attached to craftsmanship. Placing this at the forefront of her designs, Eimear spent a long time trying to find a local artisan that could provide her with high quality, affordable and sustainable materials. 

Eimear discovered 3D printing after Jean-Eloi developed an interest in 3D printing technology and decided to purchase a machine. It was then that they realized the potential and limitless possibilities of the 3D printer. 

Jean-Eloi then turned his attention towards bringing about expertise and know-how of the progressive technology and launched Argot’s 3D production as an environmentally efficient and effective solution for Eimear’s designs.

Together, by combining their complementary backgrounds, unique strengths and shared values, Eimear and Jean-Eloi are reimagining the future of modern interior design.

The Studio

In Ivry-sur-Seine, just next to Paris, the Argot Studio atelier is located in an old Schneider factory that was constructed in the 1920s. Originally an electrical factory, the history of the building resonates with what Argot Studio creates and what the brand is today. 

The building was recently renovated to include other workshops, lofts and flats. The space has a small garden where children often come to play and where residents can tend to their vegetable garden in the Summer. 

The studio features touches of oak wood throughout the interior and is decorated with custom Argot 3D printed objects.