Our Approach

Advocate for design culture: Argot is a design studio before being a manufacturer. Our mission is to conceive great designs and to make them available in a responsible and sustainable way. All our designs are proudly made by the Argot Studio team. 

Innovation is our DNA. We believe new technologies are key to achieving sustainability and disruptive design. We are passionate about experimenting and implementing the newest innovation in 3D printing and numerically controlled production. 

We feel so incredibly excited to have discovered technology as a sustainable solution to our production needs and hope to bring you on our journey to meet the potential it holds with Argot!

The problematic

The furniture and interior decoration sector is lagging behind in terms of societal and environmental issues, particularly in comparison with the food and, to a lesser extent, textile sectors, which are increasingly favouring responsible production and the use of short circuits. 
The three challenges of the sector are:

- The end of the massive use of non-sustainable raw materials (plastics from hydrocarbons, non-renewable timber, etc.) 

- Reducing the pollution caused by the sector’s distant production and logistics chain 

- The human costs generated by a production model based on economies of scale and production in countries with low raw material costs

Our Solution

Argot’s production methods respond perfectly to these issues and the very limited social and environmental impact is a major driver for the brand, which offers an alternative production method. 

Thus :

The raw material used by Argot for its products is 100% plant origin (polylactic acid from). In addition, 70% of the raw material used comes from recycled food packaging collected in Belgium. In addition, the company’s packaging is made up predominantly of organic materials. 

The brand’s production is located in the Ile de France (Paris) , as close as possible to the consumers.

The production of argot is automated and not very labour intensive. Thus, the company does not need to relocate its production in order to be competitive.

The sustainable and responsible nature of Argot’s production is central to its ethos. As the company grows, it plans to continue its efforts to:

Use only sustainable materials;

Limit pollution from logistics by deploying secondary production sites closer to consumer markets 

Ensure the recycling of raw material from prototypes and non- sellable pieces to  even more so reduce waste!