Inside the Atelier with Ansae London

Inside the Atelier with Ansae London

Away from the bustling streets of Paris, we recently welcomed Ansae to the Argot atelier. London-based store and online platform, Ansae is dedicated to showcasing the skills of craftspeople and makers from around the world.

Together, we discussed all things design, the inspiration behind Argot and the transformative power of 3D printing as a means of production.



For Eimear, the imagination of an object transcends the physicality of the piece. Each creation is intertwined with the imagined space it will inhabit. A testament to the holistic approach Argot embraces. 

“When I'm designing objects whether it be a vase or a sculpture or bowl, I'm always imagining the space that it's going to be in… I'm never just imagining that object alone which is why I often will do sort of imaginary spaces”.

Inspired by minimalism and modern brutalist architecture,“in those spaces it often consists of minimalist interiors with some sort of a twist, some sort of a materiality that gives the contrast”.

We shared ideas and shed some light on the intricate process, story and the true craftsmanship behind each Argot piece. In this short film, Eimear gives us a tour of the atelier, sharing her passion for object design and encouraging us to re-envision how we think about 3D printing.

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