argot x Loewe

Large scale 3D printing project in collaboration with the Spanish Fashion house under creative direction of Johnathan Anderson, Loewe. The development and realisation of these 3D printed garments, Flexible and translucent. Shown here during FW22 Paris Women's show.

five printed rooms

As a spin-off to our first research project 'Ten Chairs' we imagined 5 rooms starting with the kitchen and bedroom, each 3D printed in concrete & local earth on it's side in a continuous spiral motion to create capsule like built-in living spaces.

argot x refeels

Made in France from all natural materials, our collaboration with Refeel Naturals enticed us to create - The soap dish. Inspired by the curves of the human body, and can be set in different positions to accommodate the Refeel Naturals soap as it shrinks.

Chaises 1600/1800

The chaises 1600/1800, are a duo of sculptural chairs in stainless steel with a subtle brushed textural finish.  The pair are named after the place in which they were inspired, by the work of architect Charlotte Periand at the ski station ‘les arcs’ situated in the French Alps.The chairs are architectural in form, almost futuristic in the design approach, to be a feature piece in a given space without being overwhelming due to relatable material.The chairs are made by a specialised metalworker in Paris, where they are designed.

Photos: Boris Bincoletto

Ten Chairs

During confinement our studio made use of the time furthering a research project we’ve been working on.
The aim was to uncover interesting, innovative highly sustainable materials we could source and use to rea-
lize our designs.
We chose 10 Argot chairs and got to work discovering and applying these weird and wonderful
From fish scales to mushroom wood we were amazed with what we can build with and it confirmed to us
that we need to dive into improving the efficiency of designing sustainably.
With the Sustainable Ten project we aim to grab the attention of many by using very visual forms on which
to apply the materials to spread awareness of the possibilities for a beautiful sustainable future ahead of us.
Feel free to get in touch to learn more about this project and the materials discovered.